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Comp Cams

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Hey there,

Finally got someone at Comp Cams to talk to me about the cams being used from the factory as "hot cams" in the small blocks (2003 at least).

The part number is 2140210 and is ground ONLY for Boss Hoss.
Specs are: Gross lift - .510 intake .510 exhaust
Duration @ .006 tappet 276 intake 290 exhaust
Duration @ .050 .220 intake .229 exhaust
Lobe lift .342 intake .340 exhaust
Lobe separation 114
Coming with 1.52:1 steel rockers, 3/8" studs.

My question was the power (operating) range and the results of going to 1.6 rockers...........

Their ESTIMATED range is 1000 to 5200 rpm. And they believe the 1.6 rockers would give some improvement at the high end of the range.

Geezer / Mike......what is your take on these numbers. Geez I know you thought the lobe separation number was goofy, but he confirmed it today.

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Hi Tim, If we could get the lift degrees at .006. I could run it through the Desk Top Dyno and compare it to the Hot Cam and the Comp Cam that Badger and I are running. The Dyno numbers are optomistic but would give us a ballpark of the differance.

Carb. Mike

That cam's a lightweight. For the smallblock, check this dude out. Forget the 1.6 roller rockers with this cam. You can only go with 1.5's and there will barely be enough room. Kicks ass. Crane #109841. Lift 539/558
Duration 296/304. Put a good set of 10.3/1 pistons and a 125 h.p. nitrous hit and you'll not only sound better than any bigblock out there, you'll kick their ass and I mean definitively.

Elliot 8)

I'll call him and ask today if I can.

You're right Elliot, that cam you're talking about would be a killer !! But these seem to run relatively well so far, but I was curious as to why they didn't use the 1.6 rockers as the LT4 hot cam set-up.

I wanted one of the cams that the Factory was using and did a bunch of spying to get the numbers and brand.
This is the name of the company that made the cam so I guess they stopped and the factory went to a differant company.


Hey Adrian,

How ya doin??

I think the cam change started with the '03 models, possibly the very late '02s. Ours were very early '03 production, built in

The 'advertised' horsepower is what made us start to wonder. The real GM hot cam in this motor is rated at 394HP....with this cam they say 385HP. From what we see in the specs, it appears to be 'almost' identicle to the GM, except for the rockers.....but I'm not much of a cam expert.
I am running the H.O.T cam with 1.6 Crane Gold rollers. I had a new 3 angle valve job done and was surprised how bad my seats were. If you have a reason to pull the heads (such as to have them polished) then be sure and get a good valve job done. The pistons look new so I was pleased with using the NOS stuff and had no visible damage.


With the Crane cam I referenced you can't use 1.6 rollers. Not enough clearance. Luckily, we checked using a bit of putty on the top of the piston and the valve still put a nick in it :shock: .

I've seen and heard the Hot Cam setup that the factory uses and just not impressed. Although the dealers will exclaim to some innocent wannabe how it "now sounds like a 502", I've yet to hear one that does. Need to crank up a bigblock parked next to it and it becomes clear how that's bull. That's only the sound piece though. I've never driven one and don't know how different it is from a stock cam. I think most of the claims of h.p. have a bit of fudge added to them from the sales guys. Still and all, it seems most who have that setup like it so it must be ok.

Changing the cam is a pretty sporty job and I wouldn't want to go to the fuss unless there was a really substantial difference. For all you nitrous squirters, I still say pistons should be part of the gameplan. The combo of that and a bigass cam will not only sound just like a 502...it sounds even sweeter. Oh, and boy will it run :D !

Elliot 8)
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I know ours sure don't sound like BB's.....but they do seem to perform fairly strong. My whole thing has been why they run these 1.52:1 rockers instead of the 1.6 rockers that GM puts with their HOT cam set-up.

I think in talking with the Comp Cam rep, it seems that the idea was to give the motor more low end punch......they're saying that going to 1.6 will be a noticable difference, but only in the upper rpm range. His comment was, "who would run that thing up that far anyway?" I just laughed...........

So I guess a set of 1.6 Crane Golds will be added this winter to the beast.


Just one more thought on this is that a bud here, Rick, put a set of the Crane self adjusting 1.6's on his stock smallblock. Just wanted to try a bolt-on $300 to see if it would do anything. After we finished it up he said he "thought" it had a slightly better response in the mid and upper ranges but that was all butt-dyno. Very hard to gauge. When you spend $300 bucks and an evening wrenching, you're lookin' and hopin', blah blah blah. We never did decide whether it was for real.

I would certainly think there would be a difference though between that and doing such after putting in a cam depending on the cam specs. Good luck!


That is exactly why I put the juice on it and did the converter. I know for a fact that my butt dyno will know the difference between "button on" and "button off" :lol:

Now looking back at Carb Mikes figures on the BHRA site months back, I'm not sure the heads will take the 1.6 rockers with the lobe profiles of this cam. It figures out to .547 on the intake and .544 on the exhaust with the 1.6....that is getting pretty close to the .555 that Mike says is max on these heads. A little over rev could be disaster.......

Oh well, it's fun to dream and scheme for the winter.

Have a great weekend, I'm gonna get out of the office, go home and consume a large quanity of Bacardi :beer8:

comp cams

Don't use the biggest cam you can unless you are Elliot and use the bike at WOT all the time. I have a 383 stroker and AFR heads with this cam. The Idle is good and sounds great and the bike pulls like a freight train.
. .510/.520 lift and 232/236 duration.
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I have ridden with Gary and his BH is FAST!!!.....I have 3 inch Exhaust and a Comp Cam (see link) and Edelbrock heads with the 1.6 rockers and Mine sounds good but Gary's has a whole different sound which sounds Great. Garys BH is Like a Warren Johnson Pro Stocker,you may get him a little on the low end but look out on the other end because he is coming By!!!

The Only thing about the Crane Cam Gary has is that it is a very High rpm Cam...I was just reading the spec card on it and it doesn't start working untill 3000 rpm and flattens out at 6500 and Valve float at 6800 rpm....But gary more than makes up for very little low end performance with a big shot of NOS.
I just took out a GM HOT Cam a few weeks ago because it was also a high rpm cam (It's for sale)...and went with a Comp cam that starts working at 1600 rpm and goes to 5600 rpm...with the 1.6 rockers and the High flow heads it extends the top end some....
I know I'm sure glad I changed!!!http://www.jegs.com/cgi-bin/ncommerce3/ProductDisplay?prrfnbr=14470&prmenbr=361

Dave :lol:

You're right on with your post on Gary's bike/cam. It is the fastest smallblock I've run with. He can beat most bigblocks and the faster Jap bikes. When we go head-to-head I can whup him about 60% of the time but it's always by within a bike length or so :) . If he gets a good jump on me I can't pull on him til the higher speeds.

Your comments about his cam setup are correct. A bit doggy on the bottom. His solution to that at the track works great. He's starting to use a soft compound semi-race 275x15 tire. He has that really cool solenoid powered brake lock and can rev to about 2,500 at launch. He 's right at the correct powerband for that cam with the #7 Dacco converter (3,500 stall) and launches like a rocket. After getting rolling he hits the juice now set at 175 hp and you know the rest :shock: .

The sound of his bike is unique. My 502 has 3 1/2" exhaust but when I'm next to him, all I hear is his bike. Sounds like a Pro-Stock car.

Sounds like you've got the formula you were looking for Dave. Good deal! Now a set of higher compression pistons and........ :wink:

P.S. Check the Key West post 8)
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