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I need advice to get the Boss to maintain proper
engine temperatures in the cold weather we get and
ride in a lot.

Saturday it was 45 degrees * here and my customer took
his new Boss out for 10 minutes...came back and is
worried about riding it much when cold becasue he
warmed it to 140F before leaving and when he came back
it was about 110F....way to cold for the motor for any
distance...we get a lot of cool weather riding here
and we need a fix

Had a friend come over to design a winter front but
that looks complicated..

Here is my idea....why can't we put in another
thermastat similar to the one that turns the fan on
and off(205 on, 180 off) but this one will turn the
water pump on at 160F and off at 150F...Thoughts??

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Barry, without the waterpump running you would bring the water temperature inside the heads to boil in a heartbeat. Whatever you do- don't stop the waterpump. Hmmm.....what about draining some coolant instead? A radiator half drained shouldn't cool the engine too much.
If you want to go with a winter front- attach it in the back of the radiator.
Should be the same effect, but much easier to do. Just take care that it
doesn't come in contact with the pulley. Or add some more antifreeze. Antifreeze has no good heat tranfer. The more antifreeze, the hotter the engine. A friend of mine overheated his engine a couple of years ago, because he did pure antifreeze without additional water in his radiator for winter. Worked good while it was winter, but he blew his head gaskets in spring. But pure antifreeze also has a too high viscosity (sp?), and means additional stress for any waterpump. I would try it with 75/25 Antfr./Water


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May be 10 Minutes is not enough. I had mine out serveral times at temperatures arround 32F and it stabilizes arround 140-150F, but this takes quite a while. After that it goes up quickly to 180 using first gear going uphill or through town. Out of town again in second it goes back to 150.
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