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Coan HD convertor vs #7 Nesco

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I was wondering if someone could give me an educated comparison between the Coan HD convertor and the # 7 Nesco covertor.

Thanks in advance,
Bill Banks (chopperman)
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Count me in as well the more technical the better!

To obtain all the difference in specs, you might have to contact
"Craig" at Coan. 765-456-3957

Competition Series Converters-Coan:
These converters bolt in with no modification and are available in several popular styles and sizes. They are designed for high torque, high performance pro street and racing applications.

They feature: billet steel turbine hubs, 3 sets of heavy duty thrust bearings, furnace brazed blades, and are balanced and pressure tested. Several impeller and stator combinations are available to produce the desired stall speeds.

10" diameter (non lock-up) stall speeds to 4000

Great guy to talk to......

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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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