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Clutch to Auto

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Just sniffing now, but has anyone successfully converted from a clutch to a 2 speed auto?

If so, how much major surgery on the frame, etc? My Boss has the Mountain Boss Hoss Frame Loop mod to accomidate a 38 T Gates Front.

If feasable, maybe I'll start "sniffing" the insurance Co's for a Dinged Boss.

First I gotta get a CenterForce II in to make it more ridable as a clutch.


Ride Safe!

Jack Phillips
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clutch to automatic

I have a 95 clutch bike. I feel the hand clutch is too hard to be comfortable.I am not a wimp, I have replaced the vacume lines,booster, added an extra vacume tank, is there something I am missing? I need to fix the problem to make the bike more comfortable to ride.[/b]
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