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Chrome Polish

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After over 40 years of trying a thousand different chrome polishes, I found one that is amazing. I installed my new forks today. The right one went on without a single abrasion or mark. The left, however, ended up with some very superficial abrasions on the chrome between the two trees. Tried some cleaner waxes and Griot's non-abrasive chrome polish which did nothing and I was sure I would have to live with them because I've never found a chrome polish that could take anything out of chrome without dulling it due to abrasives.
I found "Blue Magic Liquid Metal Polish" in my stash of stuff and I was able to buff the scuff marks completely out with NO dulling or scratching of the chrome at all. The stuff claims it is non-abrasive and I'm not sure how.. but it worked absolutely. This is some amazing ****! Absolutely safe on highly polished chrome but somehow it got the abrasions out. Just a tip from one who has used EVERY possible polish and cleaner....Joe
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Thanks for the tip! Happy New Year Pal.........Don
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