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Just thought I'd post my latest issue in case someone else has the same problem. My 03 SB was running rough when I bought it from MBH at the end of 03. After a number of adjustments, etc the carb continued to flood, not hold an idle and stumble. While still under warranty MBH put on a new carb (#1901) that I watched them take out of the box. The bike ran better but never just right. Thinking it couldn't be the carb we tried plugs, dist cap, wires, coil but it would sometimes run good but intermittently just get rougher than hell. In Daytona last week it began to stumble badly and just barely made it to my hotel and trailered it to Daytona BH. They put a fuel pump on and it ran great....for a few hours and stumbled again, finally quitting. Back to Daytona BH where Casey (or KC, not sure) took the carb apart and discovered the float had a fingernail size chunk missing from the top front edge. With the finish broken the best way I can describe it is it was like a cork with black fine sand like particles all over the inside of the carb obviously clogging the jets, etc. I found a float at a NAPA store and Casey cleaned out the carb. The bike has never run this good. Apparently the float inside the new carb was defective because the chunk was not inside the carb only the dust. Since it was beyond the warranty DBH and MBH would not cover it but at least it's running good. I might try sending to Edelbrock but I won't hold my breath.
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