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Canadian Winter

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Not sure if I'm doing everything right here on this site yet, and I'm not sure who will end up reading this either, but I just thought I would introduce myself. I'm Bryan Ward from Cochrane, Alberta, Canada, just outside Calgary. I just took delivery of the first new 2004 SB 385 horse from Barry. I'm not sure how he came up with Canadian Heat because it's about 30 below here right now. I still have to wait until April before I get to ride my new bike because of the weather, so I hope this makes you southerners who I understand are getting severely blasted right now feel better. I bought this bike (I had a Harley before) because I made the mistake of taking a ride on Barry's demo last summer. I haven't been the same since. I hope to meet a few of you in Sturgis 2004.
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Welcome to the Boss Hoss family and this board, Bryan. Glad to have ya. :D


Well you did two things right so far ... bought a good bike and bought it from a good guy.

Yep, I'm going to Sturgis, think alot of other guys are going also from the Boss Hoss family should be a great time.

Good luck

I am also going to Sturgis...my 2 sons want to go so I am taking a couple virgin Sturgiser's!! Look forward to a big meeting of Boss Hoss boys!!
Hay brian > We met briefly at the Calgary show but there were to many people to say much. I,ll still call you for that coffee on my way through .
Your neighbor

When do you take posession of your bike?


Welcome to the group :lol: We make Sturgis every year, same campground yearly. A BH dealer just bought a place in Central City last year (halfway between Deadwood & Lead) and does a nice one night party for any BH rider who wants to show up.

We usually go to One Eyed Jacks on the first Saturday of the rally about 8:00 pm or so......

Maybe this year we can put together a group ride as we get closer to the date ??


What kind of property does the Boss Dealer have and where is it? Where do you guys camp? I have gone for years and plan on going again this year. I bring my Motor Home and have been staying at Rapid City but would like to try another place.

ALL RIGHT! Another new Boss :D This is a great website and will help ease the long winter wait for you. Lots of modification you can work on till the roads thaw out ... Good luck, enjoy.

Here's a link to the campground http://www.elkviewcampground.com/

We have been in this campground the last 5 years, very nice sites, only
5 miles east of Sturgis right off the freeway at exit #37 - I90, cold beer, good food, very good staff, reasonable prices. If you try for a reservation, mention that Vicki & Tim in site #20 referred you.....he usually is full by now, but sometimes saves a few sites for referrals or will get you in a cancellation.

The only drawback to this campground is that the roads are gravel. Last year was the only year he did not have a water truck contracted to keep the dust down (guy backed out at the last day), but I would think Jack will probably have bought his own this year.

The dealer we bought our bikes from (North Country BH) bought a house in Central City......when you go out of Deadwood on US 85 towards Lead and come into Central City, you take the service road off to the right and up the hill. Overlooks the highway, sits next to 2 small, but well stocked bars. Last year he had live music at the house......good time.

Coming from Lead, the service road swings off to the left...up the hill.

Usually there are a lot of BH riders at Sturgis, but no one has ever put together a scheduled ride. If anyone is interested, we should throw some dates and times out to get together for at least one group outing through Spearfish Canyon at least, or out to Sundance for the burnout contests on Wednesday?????

As a note, Wag & our group generally make a lot of visits to the Legion in Deadwood, great cocktails and beers, very good steak/prime rib dinner for cheap.....Wag always seems to good on their slots too......we usually stop on our way down to Needles and Keystone. Vicki & I like to hit Main Street and watch the "road show" several nights, but try to get out of town well before the bars close....

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Barry ,I am planning on going to kansas on saturday but the weather may not help much. Have to play that one by ear. Probably leave the bike down at any rate and ride back in the spring to make a trip out of it.
To come across the border I have to know in advance where I am crossing so now I actually have to plan where the wind blows . Thinking to come through montana and up to say hi and see the kids. My daughter thinks I"m nuts, but thats not unusual.
Good luck with the trip Bill...and keep me updated...also, do you want that windshield I have?

It will be for sale in the new shop and I don't expect it to last long...

Hey, I think your temp bar took a dump.....and PLEASE close the door :twisted:

This cold crap is getting really old bud............

By the way, congrats on the new shop & sales program, you guys should do well.

Look forward to meeting you in Sturgis. :capwin: :beer3: :cop2:

The farkin door is frozen open...holy crap man...coldest spelll they have seen here for a long tiime...I am out and about only becasue we are getting everything going for the new business...warmer days ahead!!

Thanks for the congrats and I will see you in Sturgis!!
The bike has a detachable low profile windshield so Ill try it out . Havnt ridden with anything but a fairing for a long time so I may end up with one of your bat wings .

We kicked your butt this morning in St CLoud......-21F....-42 windchill.....

Supposed to get colder tonite......... :cry:

Thanks Bill...

All windshields suck compared to my fairing...I do a lot of cold weather riding and my coverage is better than an electraglide....see how yours is....

Batwing update...
I will have a batwing with a stereo system for my new bike...it is being developed now and I am really anxious to show up at Sturgis with it and sell a few...I am not liking the looks of the Boss Hoss fairing at all...mt personal feelings...along with the 3 guys I siold bikes to here...they all like my batwing....I just need to get that out to the bigger US market..

Have you contacted all of the Boss Hoss dealers in the States to see if any of them would try to sell any of these for you? Or do they have contracts with Boss Hoss that forbid them from selling someone elses products? There is also one or two companies that sell Boss Hoss products quite often on Ebay. Maybe you could get one of them to be a dealer for you.

Just a couple of ideas.

Actually I have not contacted dealers....I had the fairing on ebay last year and also in the BHRA site and thought I would drum up interest that way...lots of hits on ebay..no buyers.

I will approach the dealers once the fairing with stereo is ready...I will also send a fairing to the Boss Hoss Country mag and let them do an article on them...I think I have a seller but have not done all the marketing
Welcome Bro. Glad you found your way here. Nice bike by the way ;)
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