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Busy Day

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My friend's '01 smallblock blew a headgasket the other day. Major smoke and major overheat. Pulled it apart today. The stock gaskets in the ZZ4 suck. Thank goodness for Fel-Pro. Much nicer gasket set. The oil looked like coffee icecream. :shock:

The ZZ4 gasket replacement is a lot easier than the 502. You can at least take the intake completely out (carb off) to clean everything up. Anyhow, slight scuff in the rear right cylinder (the afflicted cylinder) but compression still showed 185 lbs after we got it put back together. Nasty job. :lol:

Also took my tranny out and there was LOTS of metal in the pan. Appeared to be bearing material and the tranny fluid smelled pretty bad from burnt clutches. Add a spent converter to the picture and it's a mess. It will be a good excuse to put in a newer style gearset. :?

Bobbed my fender 3 1/2", replaced the spent 280 Metzler with the new one Marv just sent, and tweaked Charlie's new Demon 850.

All in all a busy and tiring day. Going to be working on a special project with the trike as soon as parts come next week so between that and the 2 wheeler, there's parts all over the place. Unlike you Yankees, I've got to haul buns and get everything going as 70 degree temps, sunny skies, and bikinis await. Had to throw that in for you N.E. guys. My condolences...

Elliot 8)
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Sounds like your staying out of trouble, for now anyway. LOL :lol:
I need to move farther (sp) south than New Orleans, low 40's on yesterday mornings ride, and hi 30's this morning.
Elvis, would be great having another player in this neck of the woods bro', bring it on!

How did that fuel injection ever work out? Get it installed? Good___? Bad___?

All in all, I can't complain about any of the wrenching I've been doing. Big Red and it's tranny has been used and abused. No real biggie with the tranny. Just stuff I would have expected to wear under the circumstances.

Chic's headgasket is done and over with. One day with 2 guys on it. A good excuse to do some much needed maintenance while his tank was off which was a first after almost 25,000 miles. Original plugs, aircleaner, fuel filter etc. Amazing.

The fuel injection and one speed auto transmission are for later upgrades, right now I'm busy riding it whenever I can. I don't want to lay it up yet.
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