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You're gonna make those upstate NY and Minnesota, Wisconsin boys feel like they're in the sunbelt. Noticed your temp this morning around 12 degrees :shock: . Someone tell you Tennessee was part of the sunbelt, hee hee?

Elliot 8)
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Thinking about going for a ride but I don't think I can get out of my driveway :(

We're actually 3 degrees warmer than you ............ FINALLY :)

For most of us here the hinterland, we can't complain about this winter so far. Been pretty mild and not too much of the white stuff....spring sure feels a long ways off though.


Here in upstate N.Y. it's supposed to get up to 54 degrees and rain on Christmas eve . Not bad riding temp. if it wasn"t for the 2 ft. or so of snow we have .
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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