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Two years ago I wanted to increase my nightime illumination and installed a 130 watt Xenon bulb. The heat "cooked" the reflective surface of the headlight and turned it a milky white. Is there a replacement light around which will take a higher output bulb without destroying it's reflective surface? I have a Headwinds shell and the standard 7" diameter. what is the highest wattage halogen bulb that can be used safely?
What are you light freaks doing?...Joe

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I was also dissatisfied with the stock headlight. I tried a 90/130 H4, but after running it on hi-beam, it melted the plastic connector a bit. I then switched to an 80/100, and it seems to be doing well. I also installed a JC Whitney Crystal lens. That helped too. I also had Mountain install the 35-watt airdam lights, and that made a big difference.
I believe that MotoLights are supposed to throw out a bunch of light. A friend of mine has them mounted on his Beemer, and he's really satisfied with them.

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Brighter Headlight

My Boss bought a "Delta" kit for his Jeep, busted one, and gifted me the other (7").

It is all glass including the reflector, with a very bright PIAA H4, and has a seperate small marker lamp in the bottom. Being glass it should never have "milking" issues.

A couple different auto parts suppliers have all glass, replacement kits to replace 7" sealed beams with H4 lamps that should work as well. They are fairly inexpensive.

Here are several links for comparison. You'll find some of the same products on different links (vendors) also for comparison. The "EUROLIGHTS" link @ the end is most imformative. Their 7" conversion HID is pricey, but I understand very "trick" and functional. They are one of 2 that actually have a "dipping" mechanism to get both High and low beam from an HID. I cain't find the link to the "Delta" 7" housing on my Boss but the numbers on the lens are "DELTA WESUM 124.11 H-4 44 "E20". 029804029803. It is an all glass housing and reflector and will tolerate high Kelvin temps without discoloring. Hope you find some of this helpful.
Cut and paste these.

http://www.eautoworks.com/html/ord-Ligh ... 1-2041.htm




http://www.coolights.com/index.asp?Page ... tegory=568


http://www.coolights.com/index.asp?Page ... =361&MMP=1




Just remember to follow previous threads about running heavier wiring, and appropriate relays to avoid melting the connecters and / or wiring.

Ride Safe.

Jack Phillips
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