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Bought "Da Boss"

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Thanks to Adrian, I am now the proud owner of "Da Boss". As I'm sure you all know, he is one great guy. Time to learn how to ride all over again!

"There is no Substitute for Cubic Inches"

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Hi Rob,
Welcome aboard!! You're gonna love it!.......Easy does it with that right hand now!! :D :capwin:

Welcome to the "club".......you have got one of the nicest examples of a Boss around. So many things done to that scooter that it will probably take you a year to find them all. At the rally this year, Adrian was in the same campground and we had the pleasure of riding with he & Cozaey for the first 3 days........I found something new and unique every day 8)

Only thing about a Boss..........give yourself a lot of space and some forethought........then they're just a *****cat :wink:


Congratulations on the Boss. I believe, from what I've perceived from this, and the Boss Hoss Country site, it's probably one of the best around!
Thru this, and the other site, you will find some of the most knowledgable, and helpful folks available.
I second leaving a bit of room around you for awhile. I just transitioned from "Sport Touring" to an older clutch Boss, and am having a ball! Thanks to the sound advice and council of the "others". Be especially careful in the RAIN! I was just gifted several posts on how to properly groove the back tire, and am ordering the equipment to do it now. She will even go sideways on trailing throttle with the stock tire.
Again, welcome, be careful, and enjoy!
Jack Phillips
ps: I live about 45 miles south of Daytona, don't have lots to offer, but what I have I will share if any of you are in the area.
H: 321-639-3969
C: 321-426-5243
Boss Man - Grumpy and Hawk88

Thanks for the welcome. I'm taking it easy with the right hand and leaving myself PLENTY of space. As you have observed, Adrian did a lot to this bike and I'm still crawling around and calling him every couple of days. Don't get much rain in SoCal, but I'll remember to be careful.

Hey Rob
I know Adrian for years now and he is both an innovator and a great mechanic. I'm sure yiu'll find "Da Boss" is one of the finest machines you can buy. Good luck.
Welcome and make sure you keep up on the maintenance on that thing. ;)
LaMonsterV8 said:
Welcome and make sure you keep up on the maintenance on that thing. ;)
For those that don't know, Lamont rode from Ca to Ohio with Rob to a Valkyrie ride in and Rob had a few minor repair jobs on the way, so, Lamont dubbed Rob "Mr. Maintenance". I think that was a little cruel but that's life.
Rob is a good guy and add to this group.

Thank Goodness we made it out of Kansas, Toto

If it weren't for Lamont I'd probably still be somewhere in Kansas (not that it's a bad place, it's just not where I live).

Rest easy Lamont, I've already replaced a relay, a switch and changed the coolant!

1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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