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Boss Hoss Broke down

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Tony Gilly was on his way to Laughlin when the Engine started to heat up. It looks and sounds like a blown head gasket but won't know till tomorrow. He was coasting along at 135 for a ways so I would guess the water pump volume was a little weak. Will know more and will post when we get to Laughlin. He had gone 400 miles and had his problem 15 miles east of Barstow on I-40. We are leaving in the AM and will see if we can help.

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Tony's bike did suffer a blown head gasket due to a failed water pump in a town named Daggett just 14 mi. outside of Barstow. We rode into Laughlin 2 up on my BH just in time to impress all those who see the BH as a wonder bike. Seeing 2 guys 2 up was not what we had in mind at all. Tony's bike is a very nice looking ride with great paint, custom wheels etc, as is mine but his is just that much cooler. Ahhh! But Noooo!!!!! Not us Cool Cats.. We could not be riding side by side and turning heads right? Nope... We rode in 2 up and still turned heads we think for all the wrong reasons... It's all good!!!
We got Tony's bike back the next night thanks for the California Boss Hoss crew. They brought to Dagget the needed parts to get him back on the rode.
Now we'll haveAdrian do his Boss Hoss Magic to get the bike in it's previous tip top running order. Thanks Adrian..


That's a forelone place to break down. Spent lots of time there in the middle 70's as a Cobra / Huey Maintenance Test Pilot. We staged out of that airport a few times while working the Irwin Bike Lake areas.

Nasty place!

JAck Phillips
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