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Blue Jeans with Kevlar in seat & knees

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Busa Dave made me think of this when he reminded me in a recent post that there are two kinds of riders, those who have been down and those who are going down.

I bought a set of "Draggin' Jeans" for the wife and I this past summer and I highly recommend them. They look like regular blue/black jeans on the outside and have Kevlar sewn into the seat and knee areas to protect against road rash if you go down. They're around $80 to $100.

Now, I for one have never had just the right George Michael-type ass to get away with wearing leather pants so this was the next best option. Take a look at them at www.dragginjeans.com.

It's really kind of ironic though. The more stuff like this I buy, the more 300' smokey burnouts I seem to do :D !

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I just flew in from Grand Rapids this am---3 degrees and a winter storm expected tonight!!!! Am going to get the new tire put on this am at TBH! :D I plan on getting a pair of those jeans--will finish looking into this later! GOTTA GO RIDE!!!! :cop2:
Protection Baby

I agree about Draggin Jeans, I have 3 pair and use them just like normal jeans. If it's Cold out put on some chaps and you have total coverage, Kevlar on your butt and leather everywhere else.

I don't have any for my Jeans yet, but the Draggin Jeans website says you can even add armor at the knees if you want.

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