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Hello V8 Riders
Thanks for letting me join the V8 world of Bike Riders .
I live in the Lake Norman area , water bound with anything with speed .
Meeting friends from all over , opened a new door to the world of speed .
I started cleaning a boat that was owned by one I had worked for in my first career heating and cooling . Some 18 years went by then met up again .
I have a new part time job of cleaning and delivering a 36 Nortec to where ever the next poker run happened be . This had a impact on the Owner that gave me open doors to other toys of his . I got my first ride on a 57BHC trike called the Wild Thing . Wow . That's all it took . I was hooked . I now own this Trike with 7000 Miles on it . And sure to need parts that I see need attention . Look forward to spending time here . Thanks Blake
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