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Big Block for sale

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A great Bike at a great price. I know this bike and owner, a very nice bike for sure.

Big Red (a.k.a.) Elsboss
2001 Boss Hoss 502 bike
13,000 miles
Deep Candy Red with black flags and letters
18" chrome wheel with Metzler 280
Drag bars
Custom gauge cluster including Monster tach, nitrous pressure, fuel pressure, water & tranny temp, in addition to stock gauge cluster
Arlen Ness Monster Headlight w/tribar & halogens
Custom Saldana Racing bigblock radiator with custom 1 1/4" fittings including Jabsco pump
Quik disconnect fuel/tank fittings
Demon 850 Dbl pumper w/custom Chopper City air cleaner
Two 2 lb. polished NOS bottles w/custom mounts
(No Plate)
Chrome crash bars
Nitrous purge system
MSD ignition system
Crane Vacuum advance pod
Slightly bobbed rear fender
New chrome Pwrmstr alternator
Chopper City headers with 3" exhaust
New Blue Sea 12v fuse block
Holley fuel pump regulator
Carter rotary vein fuel pump
Custom 220 MPH speedo with Boss Hoss logo
Multiple seats (small & large) + passenger sissybar

Paint in good but not excellent shape. This bike has been very meticulously maintained and runs incredible. Extremely fast, reliable, and runs cooler than a smallblock. Custom head gasket cooling mod by Neil Weber. Nothing overlooked and appx. $50k invested. Ready to sell at $29,999 FIRM. You arrange transport. Call or email anytime. Ask your fellow board members who have seen and know Big Red. Incredible ride.

Elliot Bigman
(239) 410-3040
[email protected]
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Thanks for posting Big Red for sale for me and thanks to Lamont for posting the pics in the classifieds. I was unable to get on yesterday.

Wanted to also mention two things. First, my tranny has had all the Nesco upgrades including the newest gearset, new clutches and 2nd gear drum, and a Coan converter with less than 500 miles on it. Excellent tranny and runs extremely cool.

Additionally, Gary has his badass smallblock for sale. Some particulars are as follows:

2002 Boss Hoss ZZ4
Fire engine red with white lettering
Latest Nesco upgrades
Roller rockers
Crane cam
Edelbrock 175 HP nitrous system
Two 2 1/2 lb polished bottles
Chrome crash bars
Custom Gauge cluster including Monster Tach
Windvest with Chopper City illuminator light
Speed Pro forged aluminum pistons (10.3/1)

and many other extras. This bike is one of the coolest out there. With a REAL cam and those pistons, it has the same rap as the bigblocks (no BS as with dealer claims on milder cams). A few paint chips on the front of the tank otherwise flawless. $27,500.00 . Call Elliot for any other specifics and pics.

Gary and I wouldn't normally think of parting with either of these beasts as they're the best. We're involved in another "project" and can't have it all.

(239) 410-3040
[email protected]
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What are you building now , an airplane or another trike .

I'll post some pics in a few days or so. Chopper V8's are the new projects. No chance of cutting up either my Big Red or Gary's wicked smallblock. Both way too nice.

Tom's the guy to talk to about building a trike. Pretty wild deal he's got going.


It appears Big Red is sold. I've had a number of inquiries and would like to thank those that were interested. Many emails and requests for pics and specs. Sorry to disappoint any who were interested but perhaps a bit too late. In particular, the two guys who were both trying to fenagle deals with their existing rides to be able to get Big Red.

In spite of being out of the Boss Hoss arena for the time being, I will be staying close to the many great friends I've met in this circle and maintain that the BH is a very cool ride. I believe my next Boss will again be a 3 wheeler at some future date.

Please remember and spread the word regarding Gary's smallblock. He's a master mechanic but a total computer nerd so I volunteered to help get the word out regarding his totally incredible 2002 smallblock for sale. Anyone can call or email me direct for pics or to discuss it. Price is $27,500.00 but slightly negotiable on this bike. Regards to all,

Glad you sold yours Bro. Tell gary he should swap motors with me :D I wish I had that motor, that is one bad running smallblock :twisted:
Hard to believe my bigblock sold in so few days but Gary's smallblock is still around. Any of you guys who know anyone interested in a high quality smallblock at a V.E.R.Y. fair price, have them get in touch.

There are a number of guys on this board (V-Man, Steve Barr, Lamont, Badger, et al) who have seen this bike up close and personal and know how awesome it is. The sound is every bit that (and more) of the bigblocks and it's quicker than a stock 502. Gary is a master mechanic and the bike is totally in "no apology" condition.

It is really worthy of stepping up for anyone who's looking for way more excitement than most Bosses out there. Best regards,


Can you e-mail a couple of photos to me of Garys small block, might have an interested party.

[email protected]

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