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NOTICE: The information contained herein is soley for the purposes of passing along information which may be considered useless or trivial.

I sort of hijacked the other thread about the water pump whine with some bearing stuff so I thought I'd start a new one. Lamont asked why I was using a metric bearing and I didn't have an answer but now I do.

I was confused about the POLAND printed on my bearings yesterday and after a little research discovered Timkens has manufacturing facilities all over the world. They produce bearings in imperial and metric sizes.

I got the part numbers from Wag's site and went to Motion Industries here in Raleigh and bought all 4 bearings. I asked for the LM67048 and the LM11949 (both tapered). Turns out the ones I recieved were metric.

I called Timkens and spoke with a customer service rep who was more than willing to answer any questions I had. She pulled up the part numbers and did confirm those bearings are still made in the US as well. Here's the deal. All the bearings are packaged exactly the same metric or imperial with the same part number and unless you ask to open the bearings and physically inspect the back you'd never know. They are all put on the same shelf and you could have metric right next to imperial.

I said all that just for informational purposes. If you go buy a Timken bearing it may have been made in the US or Poland or China. I was assured that it did not matter in the least because every manufacturing plant they have wherever it is located makes their products to exact specifications and are the exact same no matter where they were made. The metric bearings are just being measured by a different standard and are exactly the same as the imperial.
I'll trust the name and from here on out not give a hoot where they were made! :)

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