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Anybody here a member of B.A.M? Breakdown Assistance for Motorcyclists. I joined up (free) at the rally last year and got chance to put them to the test yesterday. I had a minor problem while out on a ride yesterday with my coil again. Did not think I could get it home so I called them up. The young lady asked where I was (I was in a town at a great spot to breakdown. Nice parking lot out of the way!) and said she'd see what she could do. In the meantime I got in touch with a nearby family member who ran me to the parts store and I was up and running. While we were on the way there and back I got 5 phone calls from folks in the area willing to come get me or help in some way! One call was from the undertaker in the town I live in. I did not even know he rode! This works all over the US. They have a roster of folks they can call. It would have saved my butt and a good chunk of change if I had to have called a towing company. Oh, Got Steve Barr lined up, too. Thanks again for being willing , Steve. Thanks to Neil for over the phone road side assiatnce, too.

Check BAM out. If you ever find yourself in 10 buck 2 they might be a God send. They also will list you as a willing helper.


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Hi Chris , I'd be interested in knowing what your problem was and how you fixed it . Did you have to replace your coil. You mentioned that you were having a problem with your tach not reading right .

It appears that it was the coil. The bike started running rough and I could not keep it running for very long. I suspected fuel at first but caught my tach going backwards again. This the second time in a month. I installed the MSD upgrade kit a couple or three months ago and everything seemed great. 2 weeks ago I had the problem with the tach but the bike ran OK. Neil mentioned it may be a bad coil (I had no clue after checking the wiring) and I put the Performance Dist. coil back in but left the MSD ignition board. I am wonderig if that electronic circuit board was not compatible with other than an MSD coil. I am suspect as to why I've had 2 coils go bad. Again, I got to a parts store and put a standard coil in and it ran fine. I have put all the original parts back in. I am going to send my coil and ignition board back to MSD to be tested. If they are good... I have another problem. The coil was extremely hot but then I figured it should be with it producing current. Seems fine for now.

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