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Bad reading on volt gage

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I have had a problem for some time now where my volt gage will read 13.7 to 12 volts just going down the road. :? It really freaks me out when I see it drop down to 12 volts seeing I have had so many electrical problems before. :shock: Yesterday it did it again but this time it stayed at 12 volts till I got home. :twisted: I left the bike running and put a meter on the hot wire of the starter and I had 13.7 volts then I put the meter on the battery terminals and I still had 13.7 volts so it sounds like I may have a bad ground or a bad meter. Where is the meter picking up it's reading? :roll:
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Mine picks up the reading from the hot gauge wire under the dash. It depends on the ground wire (black w/white stripe) but I also notice that if I have the dash loose then it loose some of the voltage, meaning the two screws out of the dash. It more than likely is the ground to the dash.

I was having similar problems and Neil Weber suggested connecting the voltmeter directly to the master relay and this way your getting a direct reading to your voltmeter without going thru all the other wiring . I would still check your ground .

Another thing I did was to change my main wiring to # 8 wire . This also made my voltmeter read consistent.

I had the same problem a short time ago. If you have not upgraded the primary wiring I would. I run 14volts till the fan kicks on and then just a tad below 14 even at idle. It made a huge difference.

The other problem I had was just like you describe. I would look down and see 12 volts or so and decided to bump the connecter/harness under the tank and when I did the gauge went haywire. Turns out that the alt gauge wire was almost out of the connecter and only making good contact on occasion. I pulled the connecter out of the harness and reconnected it properly and my problem was solved. Not saying you don't have bad ground elsewhere but this would also cause the problem. Good luck.

I assume you have a relay. If that is the case, hook up alligator clips to the input side of the fusebox and then to the + side of the voltmeter. If is OK either your fusebox has **** the bed or the fuse prongs that lead to the voltmeter are corroding. The ground on the voltmeter should also be checked.
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