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Bad News

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On my way home from the BH Rally yesterday, I received a telephone call from Jeff Hemperly's daughter. Jeff and his wife Joyce were riding Saturday and were struck by a car. The guy who hit them took off but was chased down by one of the other riders who was with Jeff.

I don't have much information but I do know their injuries are not life threatening. Jeff apparently has very serious injuries to his leg / foot and his wife's pelvis was broken in three places.

Jeff, through his daughter, asked me to let you all know that he is down. As soon as he is released from the hospital, he will be back on email and will give us the full story.


Phone: 352-429-4907
email: [email protected]
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Very sorry to hear that, our prayers are with them. I hope everyone else makes it home safe.
I am so sorry to hear of this news. It really hits home when it is somebody you know. My prayers go out to Jeff and his wife.

This is really strange....when I started to check my personal e-mail this morning, I had a message from Jeff regarding my front wheel and tire......
obviously not related to this...........

Jeff, hang in there young man, tell your bride to heal quickly.

Tim & Vicki
Sue and I hope that Jeff and his wife heal up fast. Sue broke her pelvis in a bike accident that we had together 15 years ago. It was very painful and took her a couple of months to heal up. We were lucky.

Sure sorry to hear that....At least they caught the guy that did it!!!
Got a ROPE???

Get well soon Ya'll....

Badger Dave
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