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Back from Daytona.....

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Left here with a new tire and came back with a Bald one!!! (Love it when that happens!!)...The weather was perfect,Got to meet Hoss and ride and party with all the other guys,I guess you were gone already Chris,I got in Wed. night and left there about 2 today......Saw Steve Barrs Bike at the Highlander but never found him.
There was a dealer there that had factory headers from Sanderson on one of his bikes,I'll call him next week and get the part #....They are made for a 87 camaro or something but fit just perfect...4 tubes that come way back past the starter....Didn't ask him how much they were but I'm guessing around $300.00...He said he has ordered 3 sets and they fit just perfect on the small blocks....
John...I sat on the bike your getting and it was the best paint scheme that Marv Had this year...Very nice bike...Congrats!!
Where the Heck were you and Karen...Rick!!...I talked to the mountain guys and they said they were fixing you up but I never saw ya'll?? :evil:

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Hello Dave

Sounds like you had a great time,next year I will be there too! The bike is going to BH of Stamford,500 mile service and putting in the #7 high stall torque converter.Hopefully I will get to see and ride it by this weekend.
Thanks John
Hate I missed you Dave. I left on Wednesday morning. The weather was perfect and I hated to leave, too. :cry:

I don't think I'll make it to the rally this year but should be able to get back down for Biktoberfest. Looking forward to Myrtle Beach, too.

C ya later.


Sure $300 for Sanderson Headers? The turn outs from them are $299 a pair and that is not chrome plated. My Sanderson's cost $1,750 so I know I got stabbed but they do work and are worth it. Keep us posted on the fit and cost. Glad you had a good time and I'm sure you had a hard time keeping up with the rest of the group.


I have popped in the yahoo chat room for the past few times and I can see you in the room but can't talk or type. Anybody else been joining you in there?

Adrian......Here is the link to the headers....Sanderson only makes 2 full length sets for the Chev. smallblock....I think these are the ones he had.
If you click on the price you will see they are $335.00 and $525.00 for silver ceramic coated and $895.00 for polished stainless steel,He told me to talk to Donna because she is the one that told him these would work on the BH. evidently a couple people experimented untill they found a set that would fit..The only bad thing is you have to redo the heatshield...The dealer only had the heatshield on the rear pipe of the headers.
...I think I'll cut the bolt part of the flange off and use a slip on like we have....
I'll let you know what she says


Adrian....It might have been these....I remember him telling me they were 1 5/8 tubes instread od 1 1/2 like the other ones....These are the other set of full length headers they make for the small block.
The 2 turnouts I have for my pipes cost $35.00 each and another $80.00 to get ceramic coated.
The dealer(Milwaukee Boss Hoss)...Just had 2 chrome staight extensions on his with no turnouts



I'm sure that is it because I made them set it up so I could use the factory shields.


That was one good looking bike Milwaukee had. I'm sure you heard it run. It sounded real good. I liked the one piece side panel and seat pan, too.

How about some pictures of the good looking ones.

Sorry guys. That pic was way too big. Maybe Lamont can resize it when he gets back.


Did you take a look at the ground clearance on these. They look awsome, but I drag my pipes so bad now it sucks. Those look like the tubes are really way below the frame rails????

Adrian, do think your heat shields fit those???

Those headers look much lower than mine and the only time I drug mine was when the whole bike was upside down. I don't have a shot from the side so I will take one later but mine fit great. If you can get those and have them shorten a little then that would be good and save a few bucks.

The heat shield won't fit for sure.


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Talked to Donna at Sanderson today and she gave me the part # for those headers,it's a set they don't have on their website. and they come with 1 3/4 in. downtubes and a 3 in. collector......$550.00 Ceramic coated silver.....
I looked at the ground clearance and it didn't look any lower than mine and I have 3 in pipes....I also run my shocks almost all the way up which gives me about 1 1/2 in more in height and I've never come close to dragging them...
Thanks for the pic Chris...Glad someone had one.....That was the best sounding BH I have ever heard with the all aluminum 434 and those headers.....
I think a single chrome heatshield like you buy for Harleys will work good...Just wrap the pipe closest to you leg and cover it with the shield.....The heatshield he has on his is too small....
The dealer wont be back to Milwaukee untill next week and I'll call him to see if there were any problems mounting them on the Bikes....
I see a set in my near future!!! :wink: :lol: :p

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Dave - do you have the part number for those headers? They are a great set of headers. Wow definitely much improve savaging over the block huggers we now have.

I don`t mean to rain on anyones parade here but when I bought my kannon, it had just one shield on the rear pipe kinda like what is pictured with the sanderson set up. To ride the bike at all in warm weather chaps were an absolute must!! Believe me.... I still have the scars from last summer. I have since installed a set of shields they use on the boss. What a difference!!! Believe me....... covering just the one pipe just does not work.
Sorry we missed you

Hey Dave, sorry we missed you. We rode down on friday. It was 33 degrees with snow on the ground. Had to leave on monday. Short trip but worth it.

We are saving up for the Boss Hoss rally this summer, hope to see you there.

If you could get a set of side covers and drill your own holes for the clamps I'll bet that would work.
Spend the money Dave cause you ain't-a-gona be able to take it with you noway.

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