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Back from a 1,700 mile ride

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Had a great ride with Cozaey on the Trike and me Gold Winging it. Met with Bob Posey in upstate Oregon but he was a little afraid of some rain, so he came down in his new little Mini Cooper. Had a nice visit with Bob and his S O Shino. We rode 3 days in the rain so we are getting use to being wet. Still no trouble with the Alternator on the Trike but we knock on wood often.

Had a chance to go through Reedsport where John Reilly lives but he was not home. I reached him on his cell to find out his Tranny was broken again (number 5) and he said when he gets it back from Canada the Boss is on e-bay as Quick as he can.
He has sure been through the crap and I'll bet several of us are glad we didn't make the same mistake.

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That's bad news about John's bike but not surprising. Vic showed his colors a long time ago. My impression has always been that he's as full of hot air as a bag of farts. John was pretty impulsive to have done business with Vic especially in respect to the re-engineering it required and cost but he sure deserved better. I question how he can in good faith represent the Boss on ebay or anywhere other than what it is and expect to get rid of it. He'd be better off putting a Nesco back in although I suspect his frame will now not accept that fit.

I'm also not sure putting a Nesco back in is much of a solution. Seen two recently that gagged. One belongs to a guy who does nothing but babies it never having abused or driven it "incorrectly". As usual, a puked gearset. That sentence about "babying and driving correctly" is really sickening when considering we're talking about a V8 motorcycle. Anyone not know what SOSDD means?


I guess that would be me. What is it.

SOSDD = Same Old ****, Different Day :D

Thanks for clearing that up. Still in the lingo learning curve.

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