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avon rear tires on e-bay

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Check out item# 7900138727. I bought one last week..... Pretty good price at 159.00
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I wish I could get them at that price over here in the UK! I paid nearly £200 for my last one, ...that's about $350.00
Aren't you glad you don't live in the UK???

They won`t ship to UK? Wonder what shipping would cost? Still should be cheaper than the 350 you paid wouldn`t it?

So is the Kannon for sale????

Or is everything for sale........(everything has its price)???? :p

You're not going ot convert are you?? :wink:

Yep... Kannon is for sale.... I am converting :oops:
Welcome to the club....... :lol:

I would think your Kannon should go pretty quick, it's a good looking scoot and that seems to be a fair price.....

Already found something??

Thanks Tim... I am looking at one mountian boss hoss has..... But am keeping my options open until I sell this one. It has been a great bike but I want the 2 speed trans and the unbeatable support boss gives their customers.
My rear tire still looks like new, but I'm sure I'll need a new one before the summer is done. I want to buy one of the EBay tires mentioned but they won't ship to Canada. United States Only. Anybody have any suggestions? I like the price. I think even after shipping, handling and the exchange it's still a good deal. Does anybody own a trucking company that comes up here once in awhile?

Does UPS get into Canada?? You could arrange a reverse pick for them.......in other words, you buy the product and you do the setup for the pick from your end.

Is Alberta near New York?? I would let you ship it to my house and you could drive here to pick it up.

Hossman, Thanks for the offer, but if you look at a map, you will see that Alberta is about 3000 miles from N.Y. We are straight north of Montana. I think I have the problem solved: a friend of mine owns a small trucking company and goes south regularly. He knows how to get it here duty free, so it will be quite reasonable. Maybe I'll buy 3 or 4......
From what I have been reading you better like them if you buy 3 or 4.
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