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AVON 300

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I just saw the AVON 300 series tire in HOT BIKE mag. WOW, nothing wider. It comes in 17 inch and 18 inch. They also have a special bead that protects the rim from getting bent, if you hit a pot hole.
It requires 10 or 11 inch wide rim. Sure would look cool on a Boss. I'm not so sure the drive belt wouldn't hit though.

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Ed, I'm willing to bet the drive belt won't be a problem but the fender sure will. At very least the front left side will need to be hacked.

Sure wish there was a good 10+" wheel out there. I'm strongly considering getting mine widened next tire change. The 280 Metzler I'm running really has to suck inward to find the wheel. Would look way better with the sidewall going out rather than in.

I know a tire that wide would not fit a stock 15" rim , but I wonder why they don't or didn't make the 300 in 15" . I personally would like to see more sidewall and I think it would ride better than the 18".
I'd bet it is the same old answer, there just isn't enough call for small diameter rim tires. Everybody is going to 17 & 18 inch stuff on the customs for the lo-pro look.

Eliiot, did you ever talk to Marv to see when his wider rim was available??

I did see the 280 Metzler on an 11" rim here at a bike show, my personal pinion was that it looked stretched...... maybe 10" would be perfect....I know that's what the young girls always tell old guys like Jack & me :lol:

10" must be perfect , because I've never had any complaints.

You are a dreamer but good dreams.

We are working on putting that 300 on a VTX shaft drive. This is a pic of the rim next to 240. :D
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