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Atlanta is good again

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Life here in Atl. Ga. is getting back to normal.

Warren Piper, aka WIA, has traded that brand new Road King in for the "King Of The Road". He's back on a Boss after a 40 day ownership of the road king. :D

Warren goes thru more bikes than anyone I know, but that HD didn't last long. Welcome back bro, you had me worried there for awhile. :?

Also CONGRATS to Phil Harcourt, my airplane bud who just bought a 385 hp Boss Hoss. He made the (mistake) of riding my bike a few months ago and has been looking ever since.

Phil is an awesome acro pilot and has an Extra-300. I know he will show the new Boss no mercy :D .
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I think Warren belongs on a Boss! Here is a picture of his new ride - CONGRATS again Warren! :D

So Phil got himself a Boss eh? That is awesome Rick! Did you give him the address to this website? Have him post a picture of the new ride. CONGRATS Phil, a test ride will ALWAYS sell a Boss Hoss :D :shock: :D
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Rick and Karen, Life will be back to normal here in Ohio soon. I got the frame put back together last night and should be riding in afew days. Cindy and I are thinking about Daytona in March.Hope all is well , Pete.

Yo, Kaveman

Glad things are coming together for ya. We missed you two at Biketoberfest, just wasn't the same without you and Cindy. Rob Roy didn't make it either.

We will see you in the spring.
All is right in Atlanta

Things must be nearly perfect in Atlanta - Crazy Rick has been at my house all day polishing MY BOSS HOSS :D
He's just buttering you up...he's spent ALOT of money on rear tires and figures he can feed his addiction by cleaning up your bike and "trying it out" once in a while!!!!!!!!!!

Welcome to the family!

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