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Arizona Bike Week

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Hello Adrian,

I had planned to call you tomorrow thinking you were already in Arizona. I wanted to let you know Olaf landed in Las Vegas last night and will arrive in Scottsdale this Thursday. He will be staying at the RV park at Rawhide and departing for New Mexico on Saturday.

Mike K. is in southern Cal on a job but is hoping to make it over for a couple of days during Loaf's visit.

My cell is 480-518-5212 if I can help in any way.

Hope to see you here, Ralphie (Desert Deuce)
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Hi Mike

We got back last night late from Arizona and had a great time. The weather was out of sight and Bisbee was a great place to see, thanks to Jay for his heads up. I wanted to go during Bike week but Cozaey's cousins were not able to come from Oklahoma that week so we chose to go there and ride with them.
We put a little over 2,000 miles on the bikes leaving the Motor Home at Laughlin and doing it all.
Wish I could have seen Olaf and sure I would have had a good time but Cozaey loved the trike and was hard to get her off of it. She was worried about being in traffic so when I got her in down town Phoenix hwy I-10 at rush hour she said she could ride anywhere and felt conferrable.

This a shot of the back of my Trailer and sure got a lot of thumbs up when
trucks and bikes passed us when were coming home from Arizona.


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Looks great Adrian. How did you get the pics of your bikes on there/????

I took pictures of the bikes and our local banner maker put them on vinyl.
He made some chrome decals and I put one on my Pick Up so I ask
about getting these pictures and he said a piece of cake. These are 20"
long but he will make them any size you want. He would make them actual
size but I don't know what I would do with them.

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