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There is going to be one hell of a party at Arizona Bike Week in Phoenix March 26th thru April 4th. The web address is http://www.azbikeweek.com The opener on March 26th is supposed to be a Mardi Gras style party that sure sounds cool and Molly Hatchet band is to play on Sunday the 28th and Little River Band the following Wednesday. Boss Hoss Factory Demo team is scheduled to be in Scottsdale April 1st thru the 4th. I have been to the rally several times and was there for the first one. The weather is usually great and the rally has a real cool feel to it. Its a lot different than the other popular rallies. I like that the events are spread out all over the Phoenix area and lots of poker runs which keeps congestion down and provides lots of opportunities to ride my bike while there not just hanging out on main street like some of the other rallies. Make your plans now to join us if you can. The lodging in the past has been not too hard to find and since its such a big city they werent gouging like some of the other rallies do either. Mike// :biker3:
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