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Are two fans better than one?

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I run hot , over 200 can happen at a prolonged stop light. I have an 04 BB using 04 radiator with single fan. I've seen double fan set-ups on other bikes and trikes. Are these primarily for show or is there a significant increased air flow & if so how much? Are these a Boss Hoss item? (Dyersberg) or where can they be purchased, assuming they work?
Thanks in advance for your input.
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Are 2 fans better than one?

I think others that have used the different setups will know for sure but if you just want to browse the numbers (sizes, airflows, etc.) then go to this link.


From there you can download the spec sheets if you want or just look in the tables. Of course the figures won't tell the whole story!!!

Les (UK)
the two fans were on the early bikes. the twin fans produced about 1200 cfms.the single fan is at about 1700 cfms.

Are you trying to cool the bike down or yourself? 200+ is normal for the BB in warm weather.

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