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Anyone know who's Boss this is?

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It sure is a nice old Boss. 8)
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I like the pipes . At least their different that the other 3000 to 4000 other Boss Hoss's you see . We need a bigger selection of pipes for our bikes . Hell Harleys have 100's of pipes to chose from .
Notice the rear brake pedal hanging down not connected. It looks like a master cylinder from a Harley Davidson. I would assume the owner is in the Harley store in the background shopping for parts.
Gotta be one of Elliots crew. That shop is in Key West...........
It is the owned by that store it is sitting in front of....

As I understand it, they pull the bike out every day just to attract attention and bring people into the store. They been doing that for a long time.

Jon Ukman

I,ve been in that Harley shop in Key West . I think it's called HORNE'S Harley Davidson.
Boss Hoss / Store

Actually this is just a goo gaw Boutique that has capitalized on selling Harley shirts, etc.

Jack, this isn't the Key West Harley dealer.

The store is located on Duval Street. And, Jon is right. The owner just uses the Boss to get people's attention. It has been there as long as I have been going to Key West.
Hey Neil , remember awhile back we were talking about a house / garage/ shop. I found this picture of something that I woul like . What do you think . The picture is not of good quality , but I think you will like it .

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I'm not answering for Neil but that is the ticket right there! If you can get the better half to bite off on that one go for it!

House / Shop


Where did you find the picture?

Is it a current picture?

Is it for sale?

Will the owner move it to Florida?
Neil , I know it's not exactally what you had in mind , but I just thought it was similar to what you and I had talked about . I got the picture out of the newspaper . It was a ad for steel buildings . That big door in the back would definitely fit a motor home or 5th wheel trailer . HA HA .

Chris , Cheryl and I would both love something like this in the right location , but I think it's out of our price range .


Do you still have the ad? I'd like to have the name / telephone company that ran the ad.

Neil ,
The ad came in a weekly north country news paper we get up here . It comes every Tuesday . It will probably be in next weeks paper also . I will get it for you and give you the info.

That's a little more 'high brow' than I was going for, but it is way cool 8)

You two would look really good in that place.......

Hopefully the weather will hold for this weekend and I'll get my scoot back together and be able to get another couple hundred miles on it.

Why have you got your scoot apart , your supposed to do that **** during the winter ?

Front wheel bearings (new , about 200 miles) **** the bed last weekend on a ride.

Think they preloaded the axle too much and wiped out the right side, left side was just getting scratchy.

Would not have been good at about 140 :(



Do you have the 3/4" axle or the 1" axle?
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