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Anyone know where to get a quality GPS mount?

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I have a Garmin Nuvi GPS that I want to be able to use on my Raider. I don't like having to pull over to look at my GPS while riding, so I want something that will mount to my handlebars or any other place. Anyone got any ideas?
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Google Tech Mounts or Ram Mounts and take your pick. This link is for one of many vendors who handle these products.
I have the garmin nuvi 760. Just bought a RAM setup that I plan to mount from the bottom dash bolt. The gps should set just below the speedo. Whole setup was $60 with shipping. I'll post some pics when the parts arrive and installed.

If you want you can stop by and check it out sometime.

Here's a link to the RAM catalog I ordered from.
I have a Garmin 550 on a Ram mount so far no problems at all.......love it.
I've used RAM mounts on many bikes with Garmin and also Lawrance GPS models. I've never had any issues with RAM. If you want the "cadilac" version of an AWESOME GPS mount then you want Touratech Mount. I've used this mount on an Aprilia Caponord and also Harley in the past. The Aprilia is a "dual sport" I never used it offroad BUT I've been on many dirt and gravel roads in very poor condition ... again NEVER an issue. I liked the Touratech because it locks where the RAM mounts do not!

I'm sure you've seen the RAM but for reference here is a pic of the Touratech:
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I bought my mounting point from Chilly at http://customraider.net/ and the GPS cradle from http://www.ram-mount.com/Products/GPSMounts/tabid/135/Default.aspx with the quick release mount http://www.ram-mount.com/CatalogResults/PartDetails/tabid/63/partid/082065080045051050054/Default.aspx so I can remove the mount and take it off when not needed.

Here are some pictures of my setup. THANKS CHILLY I LOVE IT!!!
http://s73.photobucket.com/albums/i219/lunchbox194/Raider GPS mount/
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