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Any Daytona Beds?

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Got a few phone calls giving me a bad time and calling me bad names for skipping Daytona. Kinda getting shamed into coming if I can find 2 beds for this Friday and Saturday night. One for me, one for Gary. Hold the jokes about sleeping bottom side up please.

Anyhow, a few of the guys are willing to take pot luck but Gary and I want to know there's a bed to be had. If anyone knows of something available this Friday and Saturday night, please let me know. With the good weather forecast I guess I can put up with the traffic for a few days. Thanks,

(239) 410-3040
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I have one bed available, but I don't arrive until Saturday. If one of you still needs a place for Saturday night, let me know. It is a hideabed. I am staying in the Tropic Shores.

Cell # is 315-439-9593

Two of you are welcome, but as I said, only one hideabed and only for Saturday.

Hoss, very kind of you....thanks. With good fortune, I found a number of rooms still available in Daytona. Going to stay right next to the Highlander at the Red (something?) which is good for those late nights drankin' next door. My very last memory of the Highlander is a bit ugly. As Badger will attest, something about a motorcycle cop not liking my burnout right out front. Ughhhhhh. :oops:

Was going to stay in the high rent district with you and Steve but I would have had to change rooms each night and then the rate changed, and my cheapskate date (Gary) blah blah blah. :wink:

Nonetheless, looking forward to seeing you and thanks again for the kind offer. My cell is (239) 410-3040. Let's hook-up.

Elliot 8)
Glad you found a place to stay El, and really glad to hear that you decided to come on up for a couple of days. Should be educational.

Looking forward to tossing down a few tall toads with you at the Highlander my friend.


Cell # 315-439-9593
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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