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Anti-Theft for Trike ?

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Anti-Theft for Trike

What do y’all recommend to keep the Trike safe in a hotel parking lot ??

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Who would want to steal a trike?..hehehe. Seriously there are a whole bunch of alarms available that have remote receivers that you can easily install on the trike. Go On line or to an auto place that installs alarms and other elactrical **** and you'll find something you'll likr...Joe
Cycle Alarms




I have read some threads there about alarms, and pros and cons. The only link I could find quickly is:

http://www.hondadirectlineusa.com/valky ... D=86738689

Hope this is helpful, may see ya @ Daytons.

Ride Safe!

Jack Phillips
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1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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