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American King-V

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Elvis - how's that King - V of yours running? How's the performance side of it? The tranny? Workmanship etc. ?? Any problems with it? How about the heat? I really like it's lines and the ability to really chop it with it's frame design.

Just curious.

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Hey Eddie,
The bike is still running great, I drive to work most days that it's not raining. Performance? Even with the 265 horse iron head it's the quickest thing I've driven, I haven't test drove a boss yet, but I'm sure it doesn't compare to a ZZ4 with a two speed.
The one speed works well, the clutch is designed without a booster set up and isn't much harder than my Panhead,( which I drove to work today, forgot how much I enjoyed the sound of shifting, I wish I had at least a two speed on the King.) No heat problems and the fan is quiet.
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