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Just a reminder to those riders on the fence about going. It's coming up quick . :eek:
I know that Gizmo will be at Americade and Laconia . Tom D and two other BH riders are coming south for a day trip from the Burlington area. Debbie and the crew from Stamford Ct. will be on display with the Factory and Bernie and I will be coming in from Maine . Is there any one I missed ??? :?
:D I am planing a bike cruise for Thursday June 9 . Everyone is welcome to join in. :biker: We will be meeting at the Stamford/Factory display area at a little before five pm. When Stamford and the Factory are packed up for the night We Ride . :biker3: The Plan is to leave the Display area ( Located on rt. 9 just north of ext. 20 off of the interstate) cross over the interstate and take route 58 south to route 32 west to route 16 north to Lake Lazern .From Lazern going north to Warrensberg and then south to lake Goerge, and maybe parking at Million $ beach ( some where in that loop stoping for food I'm not sure where yet . I will be scopeing that out on Wed. Day)
If this intrest anyone or you just want to meet up and ride with some other BH at Americade let me know before June 7 and I will email you my cell# to make it easier to meet up.
Hope to see you at Americade and ride safe :cop2: or at least on the edge :twisted:
Chad Roy
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