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What a great board you guys have got here, I haven't been posting except assembly emergencies, and Tom and others have really bailed me out, especially with Kannon out of business.
I bought Tom's old Kannon (hear that Tanner-Dog), got rear ended by a sportbike doing 110 mph at the time in my touring bike, and rode the Kannon 1600 miles to Reno and back. AFTER the trip, a couple of days of Bar-hopping, and out of no where is a 24 inch pink puddle under the bike. 8 months later, last Saturday I rolled it out of my little 1 bike shop in my house... Done! Complete! Totally, totally, DONE! Okay, well I still want to do a nice looking trailer hitch, and there's the... :wink: You guys know how projects go.
I am honoring Kannon's legacy and kept the hand painted logo and lots of color and added armor plate, cut a 5" hole in the top fuel tank and mounted a large backlit tachometer and a crome cover from a Yamaha Royal Star 96-98. The tach shift light triggers a 12V truck windshield washer pump and squirts water on the leading edge of the rear tire.
Rolling burnouts are fun, but they are so violent. I'm not above cheating with water. I've still got to build the tank, and come up with a black box that would recieve a small .5 amp (aprox) and put out 7.5 amps drawn from a strong 12V source. Some kind of electronic switch...
The theme is: Make it look like a motorcycle. The tach and chrome piece was to break up the huge, wide, flat, ping pong table of an upper fuel tank. It really did the job. The streatched custom harlley style Kannon tank is beautifu from the side, and I think the tach is great, although useless.
Maybe I should put a 5" water temp gauge, that's the gauge that's really needed.
Hidden purple light pods all over the motor.
Pair or 4" polished supertrap on custom chrome pipes.
Removed radiator grill, polished radiator.
LED tailight.
Oh, yea, I've got a time slot in 10 days to have a custom seat built. I should solicit pics from the group for design ideas.
The stock Corbin seat on a Kannon meets the fuel tank badly, there is a visual hole into the ugly guts, I'm gonna fill it up.
Okay, okay I spoke to soon, I'm not really done. But I am riding it everyday when the pavement dries out. Phase one, get it ride-ready is complete.
I'll figure out where I can stash some 2+ meg pictures I shot yesterday, my IT guy will show me, then I'll do the link thing.
Well, so that's a blog, that was fun to write, thanks for reading it,
Patrick 'Happiest biker in Oregon" Juell

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Tom will never go back

No danger of Tom wanting the Kannon back, I've read his posts! :wink:
I think the bikes were very similar in the old days, but Boss Hoss continued to improve their product, develop the transmission, and I'm sure that a new BH is way better than an old Kannon.
I'm a slave to style, and fell in love with the tank and panels on the Kannon.
Al song as I DON'T ride a nice Boss Hoss, I'll love my bar hopping Kannon for years.

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I think your bike looks awesome. Great choices and excellent looking work. Kind of puzzles me to see that Tom and Lamont were the only ones here to congratulate you on how awesome your bike is. Don't want folks to think there are a bunch of Boss snobs out there now do we guys (even though there are)? Most of the guys on this board are really straight up but I met more than my fair share of Boss duechebags while in Daytona this last trip. I'd humble their ass with my $10k Jap bike if they were around here.

Elliot 8)
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