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Just in case someone can't get to the other site.

What a trial this has been replacing the 2000 steering neck with the
late model unit and the wiring harness with a 2004 unit (which I
still don't understand why I changed). We must have 50 hours or more
into the rebuild much of which was spent on the harness adding many
connectors and adapting it to the 2000. The new neck changes the
configuration of everything from the front upper motor mounts,
radiator mounting, crashbars, speedo cable routing, radiator shroud,
front lower triple tree ($400) and the mounting of my beloved
radiator louvers.
I should have listened to those of you that told me to weld the
crack in the steering head and save myself $3000 or more.
I do, however, have a bulletproof steering neck, new powdercoating
which is much better thsn the original and some peace of mind.
Still have to do the real test which is riding the beast for a while
because I also changed to the PC680 dry cell battery, the late style
water pump and a Holley Red fuel pump. Also went to the higher and
farther back risers which presented it's own difficulties.
Had the body parts re-cleared also.
My advice to any of you thinking of having the factory doing the
replacement steering neck thing is to think twice and call me before
doing it....Joe
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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