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A few past rides.

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Here's a few pics of my past rides. I've pretty much tried every style.

Fun but a back breaker

One of my favorite bikes. 74 BMW R90/S Very rare. Should have kept it.

Triumph Thunderbird Sport. Loved this bike a lot! No that's not me.

Nice ride if you like shooting sparks in every turn.

Super comfortable, lots of chrome, hard to clean and heavy. They say you don't stop an Interstate, you land it.

One of my all time favorite cruisers and still one of the best styled bike out there. Pricey.

Perfect for me. Fun, fast, comfortable, inexpensive. It's a keeper.

And a few others not pictured. My older and wiser brother (www.40on2.blogspot.com) once said, “You should own at least five bikes. Sport, cruiser, classic, dual sport and dirt.” I agree. I had all five plus one at the same time lined up in a single car garage. Alas I only have one now but someday the stable will grow again.
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Feeding the addiction

My first v-twin - a lightweight torque monster.

Ahhh, the SV - I loved this bike...

My wife's Shadow

The Meanie - this is the bike I had right before the Raider. A fantastic blend of comfort, handling and braking. Loved the street-rod style. A little down on power, intake and pipe definitely helped.

And the Raider - still new to it, but even with the 210 rear and raked out fork, already out-handles and outruns the Meanie by a long-shot. Yamaha got the chassis perfect. Love the overall styling, but I think the pipes will have to go. Corbin seat already on the way.
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Hey Darrel, that purple one is a little hard on the eyes. :wow7-eyes: Probably looked better in person. Did Tammy used to ride that Triumph?

NJRaider, I like the Meanie,yeah baby.
Hey, thanks man.

The Meanie was a great ride. I really wish Muzzy made that same pipe for the new bike.
It wasn't near as bad in person. The photo is pretty over saturated. Nope, the T-Bird was mine. Tammy had a Suz GS500E for awhile.

Nice rides you had.. and have NJ. I always liked the SV's as well. As much as I love the cruiser style I think I'm pretty much set on Standards, Sport Touring or Adventure Touring bikes. Sure do like the Raider though. I wonder when Yamaha and others will release a full on chopper?
Yeah, the SVs continue to be great bikes, before he got the 109, my brother had an SV1000, same motor as your V-Strom as you know. Fantastic engine.

I wonder the same thing - I don't know if they'll ever realease truly full-on choppers. The mfrs. definitely have some incredible motors - the Yamaha of course, Suzuki's got the 109 CI motor, and Kawi has the 2000cc push-rod twin from the Vulcan 2K.

Cruiser Magazine built a gorgeous custom based on the 2K motor here:http://www.motorcyclecruiser.com/custom/kawasaki_vulcan_2000_custom/index.html
If Big Bear can do it, certainly Yamaha could wedge in one of the big Star motors and make a bike like this. Their kit starts at 20k. My dream is to do a kit bike some day.

I love the Big Bear bikes. I've been eyeing the Devil's Advocate since they introduced it. It would be pretty awesome with the Yammy 113 cube motor in it.

I'd love to do a kit bike. Closest I ever got was re-assembling a custom chopper for the magazine I was writing for. Had the rolling chassis, motor, etc, in my garage, then the editor who brought me in quit, I went with him, and my bike building days ended (hopefully not forever)

My few past rides are not much better :beatdeadhorse:

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I've been dying to do another build but a chopper is out of my budget for now so I'm going to do a CB350 road race bike. All I need to do is find the donor 72 or earlier Honda CB350 and I can get started.

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