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97 ZZ4 Oil Pan

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97 ZZ4 355 HP

I edited this because I put a crap link in it, don't know how to show which one other than to say on that web site type in "oil pan" and scroll thru. Only 1 polished aluminum small block hit, but I don't know if it's 1 or 2 piece seal.

How do I know which oil pan to order, single or 2 piece seal, etc.

Some Wizard in the past (not ME this time) bent my pan in a bunch with a floor jack. Perfect crush marks on the pan. Thought while I have the Boss apart to change trans, would be a good time to change engine oil pan.

Might this one work? If so, do I only need appropriate gaskets, or new pickup tubes and such?


Special Polished Finned Aluminum Chevy Oil Pans
$149.99 $74.99 Our Price!
This is a polished Chevrolet aluminum oil pan. Subject to inventory on hand. So if you snooze, you lose. Comes in two different configurations: 1980-84 with dip stick on passenger side with 2 pc rear main seal and, the 1985 and up with dipstick on passenger side and 1 pc main seal. We have added the 1979 and older pan to this sale.


Ride Safe!

Jack Phillips
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