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Is the ignition setting for the 502's the same as for the ZZ4's? ....

10 to 12 initial +
24 centrifugal
:arrow: 36 total advance
+ 10 to 12 degrees vacuum advance

Would that be fine for a BB Boss :?:

A buddy just asked me that question, cause he would like to install
the Cane Kit (2000' 502).


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502 Timing


Yes, I have setup many 502's the way you outlined it.

One difference is that I worry about "total" advance and let "initial" advance fall where it may.

36 degrees for initial plus mechanical.

48 - 50 degrees with the vacuum advance connected, no load - full vacuum.

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Tim, Neil - thank you for the fast help! :capwin:
What would we do without this internet today.
I love it! A reliable Boss Hoss ride without it and
living at the other end of the world would be nearly impossible.

Ok, we'll try the 1800 RPM distributor springs at Andy's bike, and I can't
wait to see the results in milage, heat, performance. Must be a
difference like day and night at a 502. :biker3:

Thousand thanks,
your Krauty Loaf
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