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280 upgrade

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I'm currently running an Avon 230 and wanting to upgrade to a 280. Anyone have an idea of what kind of price i'm looking at and any con's to doing so?
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Changing to the 280 requires a new rear wheel (18") and the tire. Chopper City, Mtn Boss Hoss and several other BH dealers market wheels and the tires run about $300+. Wheels run about $1000+ each.

If you go to the Metzler 280, be consistant in checking and maintaining proper tire pressure. They do give you a bit better traction than the 230 (not much, but some).


I do not ride on a 280, but have friends that did. Some folks have had problems with the low profile tires. Avon says they are not made for the power and weight of the Boss.

If you ride alot, you may want to stick to the stock tire.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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