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selling a 01 2sp. that was a running take out and bench tested also. purchased it in 4/2010. to be used in a tdi Indian Four look build that has just not come to light yet. the trans. was bench tested by Jeff Hemperly. thanks Jeff.. removed for a Trike conversion.
did the coast to coast New York to San Francisco Cannonball on a 1929 HD JD last year and had a hoot. building a 1930 Indian Chief and Sidecar for the wife and I for next years Florida to Washington 2014 Cannonball. rider entry #57 from Colo. if you d care to look into. thats the current money sucker. Automotive tire Tire Motor vehicle Tread Road surface Wheel Tire Automotive tire Tread Motor vehicle Automotive tire Tire Gas Electrical wiring Tread Automotive tire Hood Tire Bumper Fender Wheel Tire Bicycle tire Automotive tire Motor vehicle
got off track.. sorry
anyway. would like to get 3500.00 out of the trans. plus shipping. located at 80831 about 150lbs.
thanks for your time. 719 661 5666 old phone no text
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