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2 More Bosses Join SW Florida Boys...

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We will now have a total of 14 Bosses riding together regularly. All good guys (and 1 gal).

Our friend Clemmons is an importer/exporter of exotic high-end autos but he started getting hold of Bosses just for kicks about a year ago. I don't know how he finds them but he does. He makes a pretty good buck on the Rolls, Mercedes, Bentleys, Jags, etc. but turns over the Bosses to his buds here for whatever he gets them for. As a result, a bunch of the Harley guys who drool over the Hosses have converted due to Clemmons getting them great deals. We've also got a number of nice ones through Jon Ukman.

Here's the group to date....

Elliot.......'01 502 bike and 502 trike (both significantly modified)
Gary.......'02 350 bike (significantly modified)
Charlie...'00 502 bike (now a 540 stroker)
Vikki.......'00 350 trike ('63 Vette)
Rick........'01 350 bike (stock)
Mike.......'00 350 bike (modified)
Marco.....'01 502 bike (now a highly modified 540)
Ron........'01 350 bike (highly modified)
Roger.....'97 350 bike (John Wayne paint scheme)
Chic.......'01 350 bike (stock)
Paul.......'01 350 bike (stock)
Jim........'04 350 trike ('32 coupe)
Bobby....'01 350 bike (stock)
Clemmons... '01 350 bike (stock)

When we all get together for the Wednesday night ride and go to the track or the beer joints, it really turns some heads. The Hoss corral is really growing down here in SW Florida.

Elliot 8)
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Thats really cool Bro. I'll be back down to Daytona in March. Hope to hookup with you guys again.
Make sure to tell them to checkout the new www.V8BikeRiders.com website :wink:
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