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168mph electric drag bike

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Meet the Killacycle

Pretty impressive. Battery technology has really come a long way.

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Check out this dumb A$$ on a kill-a-cycle

He says it goes 0-60 in .97 seconds. What would the normal person think would happen in a parking lot.

You'd think. He talks about it on their web site. He never meant to let the tire get out of he water. When it hooked up, he was gone even though he lifted. Said he got it slowed to about 20 before he hit.
:baldy: Can you imagine, smoking the tire in water, then all of a sudden having your arms ripped out of their sockets. It would have taken me at least .97 seconds just to figure out what to do and then another .97 seconds to do it. WOW.
I'm totally fascinated by the bike. I'll be keeping up on their progress.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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