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You figure out how to get your bride another week off so you can make Missouri this year??

I hear they are going to have a shipment of really fresh beer, coldest in the country at the Cricket this year :)

I was looking a the Laconia thing, but it's 1500 miles for us.......so.

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Tim, sure going to miss that cold beer but the mileage thing is the reason I'm going to Laconia instead of the Rally . Laconia is only about 350 miles from my house, a easy days ride as compared to about 1200 to the the rally and we wouldn't have the time to ride out and back , we would have to trailer. Maybe next year . We have a timeshare condo in Laconia , so that will make it kinda nice , but I will miss seeing you guys.
Tim , I just noticed it's 61 degrees in your neck of the woods. Are you riding yet or are your roads all salt like they are here ?

Here ya about the mileage. Well, I think I'm gonna have to switch to beer for the rally so that old Mr. "Cricket" doesn't get overstocked and have it get skunked......just remembered..Neil & Beth are going to be there...... we will have to split up your share :capwin:

Actually, it's rained a couple of times and it is supposed to rain tomorrow for a bit...........I'm playing hookey Friday, so guess where I'll be?? I think it's time to see how those converters work and see if Don & the boys have just been telling stories :beer8:

It will probably take another month before it rains enough to get the sand off the county roads where we usually ride though...so it'll be some town rides for a bit, at least we get to have them move under their own power.

Maybe next year we'll plan Florida or something where we can hook up.
I'd do DAB if I could ship the bike and fly in, or take three weeks like you guys did........

Say "HI" to Cheryl for us.

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A buddy of mine had his Roadking shipped to Daytona and back this year and it only cost him $ 350.00 round trip from Syracuse N.Y. and he and his gal flew down . He says it's the only way to go but I think I'd worry to much about the Boss getting damaged . He said they use Harley shipping crates. I don't know.

Say Hi to Vicky for us also.
I think I could get a shipping pallet from Marv for a Boss.....then have one of our trucks take it to our terminal in Homestead. Fly into Ft. Lauderdale and then ride to Daytona. We usually ship two of the bosses HDs & one of his Mercedes down in the fall and back in the spring, so our drivers are used to hauling that kind of stuff.

Marv said he had someone here in MSP that hauled some BH down this year, but don't anything about him.

I just finished helping my buddy put a 3500 converter in his 2002, 350. Test drove it today. He says it feels like a different bike. Another satisfied customer!!! Just remember to warm it up since it's been sitting so long. Go easy on that back tire now!! Ha Ha Ha Ha!!............Don B :D

OH YA :lol: I'll be out for a bit tomorrow, supposed to be 60 and sunny. Plus it's syupposed to rain some today and tonite to wash a bit more crude off the roads.

I'll be letting it get good and warm......we have a 1 mile loop around our shop, probably run it around for a few times to make sure everything is bolted on tight and no leaks. Wag road his yesterday and says the converter is great !

Gonna try to get 5000 out of this tire.....think it'll happen :p Naaaaah :wink:

Naaaaaaaaaaaaaah :twisted:
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