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  1. V8 General Message Board
    :smilie_flag_USA: Any V8 bike rider live in or near the Tampa,Florida area? I have a V8 trike with a Chevy 350 engine in it. I am having trouble with the wiring. I have worked on it for over a week, but cannot figure out what is wrong. Anybody want to help out a disabled Viet nam vet? If...
  2. V8BikeRiders Tech Board
    If you don't already have one, for a simple "kill switch" light setup do this. On trikes and bikes without fuel injection, the "check engine" LED on the dash is not used which makes it perfect for a kill switch light. The check engine light LED is the unused Gray wire from underneath the dash...
  3. V8 Links & Resources
    Sent to me as .PDF files from the factory but they wouldn't upload so I scanned them as image files. Some images turned out poorly but I can email the original .pdf file on request. Or is there another place that pdf files will upload?
1-3 of 3 Results