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    Very rare low mileage V8 motorcycle. These machines were made in the legendary inventor Scott Hough's factory in Ketchum, OK from 1993 to 2003. This fine example is powered by the reliable ZZ4 Chevrolet 5.7 crate 355 HP engine. This bullet proof engine is equipped with a double pumper Holley...
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    I installed Dyna ceramic balance beads (E-Z tire beads shown in photo) in my 2001 Boss Hoss' front tire. Why? Because I got tired of this desert heat melting the 3M from the stick-on weights and having them flop off onto the pavement every time I turned around. I have not had a chance to ride...
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    Someone help me send some messages to this fella to get him to start actually building bikes. He's got a great bike idea available, and something he wants to do: http://www.earledesigns.com/html/d-train_cycles.html Ford 302 V8 mounted transverse (sideways), and very tightly packaged. He says...
1-3 of 3 Results