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  1. V8BikeRiders Tech Board
    Replacing a Front Brake Light Switch (Radio Shack Part # 275-016A) We have an '05 SB trike with Joker hand controls. I have had a problem with intermittent brake lights when using the front hand brake so I finally decided it was time to dig in and find and fix the problem whatever it is. I...
  2. V8BikeRiders Tech Board
    I have a broken wire on my left indicator (Turn Signal) (2007 SS). I took the backing plate off and it has snapped off where the metal fitting meets the plastic unit. My question is....how do you get the push button unit out? If I can remove it from the chrome housing I may be able to solder a...
  3. V8BikeRiders Tech Board
    Front brake light not working so I took the housing off the right side to make sure the paddle on the front brake lever was allowing the button in the brake light switch to be closed which is the off position. When I took the cover off a red wire was hanging in the breeze and a orange wire was...
1-3 of 3 Results