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  1. V8 General Message Board
    After a long long wait my Boss has finally arrived. Its a 1995 clutch model. Its an amazing riding experience, worth every single penny :-)
  2. V8BikeRiders Tech Board
    Hi guys, Perhaps some might brainstormed this before, anybody came up with an idea on how to install a reverse system to a clutch bike. An option that I was thinking is installing a small electric motor with a sprocket to the chain. Any ideas or feedback ? thanks,
  3. V8BikeRiders Classifieds
    '98 Boss Hoss Approx. 16,000 miles. Runs great. Looks great. Asking $11,500 or Best Offer This bike's blue book is $13,800. Single speed clutch. Beautiful two tone blue and purple with ghost flames. Reserve tank under seat and valve covers have been powder coated. Jack Delelys knows my bike...
1-3 of 3 Results