: V8 Buck Passed Away Today

V8 Billy
12-24-2015, 01:09 PM
It is with a very heavy heart that I am having to post this. Susan called to let me know that we lost Buck this morning. As you all know he was recovering from his back surgery. She said that he fell inside the house while she was outside this morning and hit his head. She called the ambulance but they lost him.
i will post more information as I receive it.
RIP Buck my friend.
Prayers for Buck and Susan

12-24-2015, 02:45 PM
I am so sorry to hear this. Our sympathies to his wife, family and friends. He will be missed here, as elsewhere.

Tx Outlaw
12-24-2015, 03:07 PM
This is terrible news especially the loss right at Christmas. I'll be praying for his family and friends.

12-24-2015, 03:07 PM
Terrible happening for Susan on Christmas Eve day. As Billy noted, it looks like Buck fell (cause unknown) and was unconscious when Susan returned. EMT and hospital were unable to revive. Susan's sister and brother in law are on the way to Newton Grove, NC (Buck and Susan's house).

Buck had major back surgery a few weeks ago but he was improving and they do not suspect any relationship between the surgery and his unfortunate death.

Will post more when funeral details are known.

Billy, we need to have a memorial at Daytona for Bike Week. He was working on his back rehab to be able to go to Bike Week in March. I can see that his trike gets there and that Susan gets there. Their house is only about an hour from us.

RIP buddy.


12-24-2015, 03:08 PM
Such sad news! Our sincere condolences. RIP Buck.

12-24-2015, 03:18 PM
This is very sad news. Buck was a great guy. Our prayers and condolences to Susan and family. God speed my friend.

12-24-2015, 03:56 PM
RIP Buck.

Paul H
12-24-2015, 05:25 PM
He will be missed. My thoughts and prayers go out to Susan.
The one time I went to Paris Island, Buck and I roomed

RIP and God's speed my friend,

Paul H

12-24-2015, 05:28 PM
I truly enjoyed spending time with Buck!
This news is VERY saddening!
Prayers for Susan and the family.
We will miss you, Brother !

12-24-2015, 06:22 PM
I don't get on here much these days, but felt the need tonight. I never met Buck in person, but visited with him on here for several years and he was always a friend! Really hated to hear about this today. RIP Buck You will be missed!

Tim :cry:

Noodles 434
12-24-2015, 06:28 PM
prayers sent for Buck in his transition and prayers sent for Susan and their family for strength to help them in their time of loss. R.I.P. Buck.


12-24-2015, 07:57 PM
Nancy and I send Our Love, Prayers, and Thoughts to Susan and family and friends. RIP Buck

12-24-2015, 09:22 PM
I did not have the pleasure of knowing Buck & Susan. Prayers send for the entire family.

12-24-2015, 10:37 PM
This is very sad news. I had some good laughs with Buck and he was just an all around good guy. I feel bad for Susan, this is terrible especially at Christmas.

12-25-2015, 05:53 AM
I am so sorry to hear this new you are in my prayers Larry cox

12-25-2015, 06:36 AM
Susan , Cheryl and I are so sorry for your lose . Rest in peace Buck .

12-25-2015, 08:34 AM
RIP Buck.

Does the family need any assistance or anything?

12-25-2015, 10:19 AM
So sorry to hear this sad news...RIP Buck

Big B
12-25-2015, 07:06 PM
Susan, Kristine and I are so terribly upset over the loss of your dear Buck. What a great guy Buck was. He will be missed by many. Words simply cannot express how we feel..

12-26-2015, 03:26 AM
Dear Susan,

Buck helped me on my way to V8 biking, he was a reat guy and will be sadly missed. Rest in peace Buck. My thoughts are with you at this time.

12-26-2015, 08:50 AM
It is with a very heavy heart that I am having to post this. Susan called to let me know that we lost Buck this morning. As you all know he was recovering from his back surgery. She said that he fell inside the house while she was outside this morning and hit his head. She called the ambulance but they lost him.
i will post more information as I receive it.
RIP Buck my friend.
Prayers for Buck and Susan
Norm told me this yesterday, Sad to hear and condolences to everyone!
Enjoyed Bucks posts and his help!
Thanks for posting Billy.

Wild Bill
12-26-2015, 08:51 AM
There just aren't many who are as nice as Buck & Susan. We are mourning this terrible loss.

Love you, Susan. Please reach out to me if in need!

With a heavy heart.


Tom Lee
12-26-2015, 04:48 PM
Never met Buck, he helped me out with questions I had more then once. He will truely be missed RIP


Swiss V8
12-27-2015, 06:45 AM
It's so hard to hear about somone beeing taken away.
I have not met him in person, but according to his posts and some writings about him I have lost a good friend I would have loved to spend time with...

It's already the second BH friend this week we have to accompany on his last road. A German BH rider had a stroke Dezember the 18th. He finally died in hospital three days later.

I wish Susan and all the familymembers a lot of strength to overcome this sad time. RIP Buck

The Mindless Philosopher
12-27-2015, 10:28 AM
I haven't been here long enough to really know anything about Buck. No matter... Prayers to Buck's wife and family. There is truly never a "good" time of year for a thing like this, but there are definitely bad times, and this one of them. Rest in Peace, Buck.

12-27-2015, 01:39 PM
Hi Folks,

Talked to Susan again today. Doing as best as can be expected under the circumstances. Susan's sister and brother in law have been at Buck and Susan's house.

Susan thanks everyone for their thoughts and prayers. A lot of phone calls to return and of course endless details. Please do not worry if your call is not returned asap.

Will keep all posted on funeral arrangements, not finalized yet.

The home address is 9336 NC Hwy 50 S, Newton Grove, NC 28366-8814.

Thanks much.


12-27-2015, 04:01 PM
Laura and I had the pleasure of meeting Buck and Susan,,,good people
We are saddened to hear this
Buck RIP my friend
John and Laura

12-27-2015, 06:46 PM
My prayers to Bucks wife and family. RIP Buck.

Mikie V
12-27-2015, 09:29 PM
RIP Buck. My condolences to his family.

V8 Billy
12-28-2015, 04:29 AM
My dearest family & Facebook friends, I am most humbled by the outpouring of love, caring & concern by everyone. I am speechless. You may view preliminary info. For Buck at www.millerfhc.com (http://www.millerfhc.com). a memorial service is being planned after the new year & will post as soon as I finalize plans. My heart is heavy but blessed with all of the love & caring from all of you.

12-28-2015, 12:29 PM
Buck and Susan are special people and his passing has hit a lot of us hard. Good men like him just don't come along every day. Our prayers go out to Susan and the rest of the Godwin family.
Godspeed,our friend.

12-28-2015, 10:07 PM
Very sad to hear this. Praying for you and your family, Susan.


12-29-2015, 04:37 AM
So sorry to hear of Buck's passing. Very sad for the circumstances. My thoughts and prayers are with Susan and their Family. May God be with them through this most difficult time. :pray:

Eagle Carnahan
12-29-2015, 11:49 AM
My deepest condolences to Susan and her family. May Grandfather welcome Buck home on the wings of Eagles!

V8 Billy
12-29-2015, 06:14 PM
My family and Friends, I have finalized funeral plans for my husband. A graveside service is scheduled for Saturday, January 9th at 2 pm in Gatesville NC at the Godwin family cemetery. Miller Funeral Home will be updating their website soon along with an appropriate obituary. From the bottom of my heart, I am so grateful and thankful for each and everyone of you.

12-31-2015, 12:27 AM
Just arrived home and thought I would check things out ,,, was not expecting this ,,, very sorry to hear ,,, talked with Buck on a few occasions ,,, great guy ,,, god bless ,,, condolences to the family.

01-04-2016, 02:40 PM
My deepest condolences to the family. Thoughts and prayers will be with you...

01-05-2016, 01:18 AM
Sorry to hear about Buck. I've never met him, but he sounded like a great guy and I'm going to miss his posts.
RIP Buck.
All those white clouds above are really smoky V8 burnouts in Heaven...

01-05-2016, 10:18 AM
Our sincerest condolences for your loss.

-v8bikeriders.com Team