This is a rare opportunity for anyone who loves choppers and is capable of building one themself. Most of you have seen my '04 and Gary's and hopefully read what they're all about.

Gary had the idea to test the waters and put his red one on ebay to see how the bidding would go. Had a very high reserve. Although there was a lot of action and many bids, none met the reserve which he expected. If a bid did meet the reserve he would have sold it and then we would have built a new one with the spare frame and tranny we have. If it didn't sell, he was going to turn the red one into a snot slinger and sell the spare frame and tranny which is now the case.

I believe anyone can build one of these badass dudes in the ballpark of $25k with custom paint and a new crate ZZ4. The tranny is fantastic, the bike would be an authentic custom built exactly the way you want it rather than an assembly line. Working on these choppers is a dream and the attention they get is unparalelled.

If you're looking for a "cruiser" type bike like the Boss, disregard. If you're looking for an authentic, custom, unbelievable attention getting chopper and have the know how to do your own thing, give me a call and we'll talk price and particulars. Please respond to me via email or call rather than via this board.

Elliot (Elsboss)
(239) 410-3040